Guidelines for formatting the papers

  • Page set up: Paper Size - A4, Top - 40 mm, Bottom - 20 mm, Left - 20 mm, Right - 20 mm.
  • Title: Times New Roman, 16pt; capital letters; centered; Bold.
  • First and family name of the author (authors): Times New Roman 11pt; capital letters; centered.
  • Abstract: Times New Roman 10pt; Italic; Indentation left and right 10mm.
  • Key words: Times New Roman, 10pt; Italic; Indentation left and right 10mm.
  • Section headings: New Roman, 11pt; Bold.
  • Paper text: Times New Roman, 11pt; line spacing - single; paragraph indentation - 12.7 mm; the main text should be in two columns with a distance between them of 7 mm (column width - 81,5 mm). Figures, should be integrated in the text, their number and explanation should be centered and bellow the figure. Tables should be numbered, aligned to the right and the table title should be be also aligned to the right. Equation numbers should be placed in brackets, aligned to the right. References cited - the bibliographic references cited in the text should be marked by their numbers in square brackets [ ]. Pages should not be numbered. The paper should not be more than 6 (six) pages in total and it should end up on an even page!
  • Automatic Formatting: Use mark-up styles set in the
  • The papers should be sent in RTF (DOC) and PDF format, as the files should not be locked and/or compressed in one archive file.