Scientific Days of TU-Sofia

On 14 May 2020 at 2 p.m. the present edition of the conference "Techsys'20" will also be the official opening of "Scientific Days of TU-Sofia" for 2020. The rector of TU-Sofia Prof. Eng. PhD DSc Ivan Kralov will open the event Online, with consideration of the pandemic related situation in Bulgaria.

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*The event will be recorded.

Live-Stream Presentations


Technical University - Sofia, Plovdiv Brach, chooses to hold the conference in ZOOM platform.


Scientific secretary:
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sevil Ahmed
Phone: +359 32 659 517

For more information:
Conference secretary:
Mrs. Lalka Boteva
Phone: +359 32 659 541

TechSys in Covid-19 conditions

Considering the risks involving COVID-19 and mass gathering events, we made the decision to hold the “TECHSYS’20” conference online. Here you will find information about scientific sections and the starting time of virtual sessions.

Automation, Control Systems and Robotics:
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Michail Petrov
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Electrical Engineering and Electronics:
Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Georgi Ganev
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Computer Engineering, Informatics and Communications:
Chairman: Prof. Dr. Grisha Spasov
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Mechanical Engineering:
Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Iliya Chetrokov
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering:
Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hristian Panajotov
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Industrial Management and Design:
Chairman: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Toni Mihova
Starting time: 14:30 h 14.05.2020 - Zoom session

Members of Conference

Scientific section - Automation, Control Systems and Robotics:
V. Petrov; e-mail:
Nonlinear backstepping tracking control of DC motor driven inverted pendulum
Radoslav Hrischev; e-mail:
ERP Systems and Data Security
Angel Ivanov, Nayden Chivarov; e-mail:
Methods for Object Recognition and Cassification for Tele-controlled Service Robots
E. Nikolov, V. Karlova-Sergieva, B. Grasiani; e-mail:
Design Control System of Robot-Manipulator FANUC M-430iA/4FH
E. Nikolov, NG. Nikolova, M. Georgiev; e-mail:
Description and Modelling of Robot-Manipulator FANUC M-430iA/4FH
Nayden Chivarov, Denis Chikurtev; e-mail:
Manipulator for Upper Limbs Rehabilitation- ROBCO ®
R. D. Kosturkov, V. G. Nachev, T. P. Titova; e-mail:
Expert Estimation of Leakage Losses in the Pneumatic Systems in the Bottling Industry
V. Yosifova, D. Chikurtev, R. Petrov; e-mail:
Research and analysis of modern space heating technologies and management for industrial buildings
J. Badev, A. Lichev; e-mail:
Objects Identification in a Loop with a Two-State Controller
Roxana-Gabriela DAMIAN; e-mail:
Underwater Surveillance of Romanian Littoral Areas using AUVs - Sea trials results
Sherif Sherif, Jordan Kralev, Tsonyo Slavov, Veselin Kunchev; e-mail:
Design of the H∞ Regulator for the Control of Glucose Concentration in Patients with First Type Diabetes

Scientific section - Electrical Engineering and Electronics:
Nikola Georgiev, Raycho Raychev; e-mail:
Study of four-spring electromagnetic harvesters
Nikola Georgiev, Raycho Raychev; e-mail:
Study of a Linear Generator with Permanent Magnets Converting Sea Wave Energy into Electricity
Daniela Kostadinova, Plamen Bonev; e-mail:
Influence of combined wire coil and twisted tape inserts on thermal performance characteristics in plain horizontal tubes
Daniela Kostadinova, Plamen Bonev; e-mail:
A critical review of heat transfer and pressure drop in a spirally grooved tube with twisted tape insert
Ivan Hadzhiev, Dian Malamov, Aleksandar Georgiev; e-mail:
Analysis of earth faults in a wind farm integrated into the electric power system
D. V. Fidanov; e-mail:
Study on threshold capabilities of a copper bromide vapor laser
S. B. Stefanov, A. P. Georgiev; e-mail:
Study of the technical and economic efficiency and the possibilities for the construction of photovoltaic power plant above the roof structures of transformer power substations 20/0,4 kV and their service areas
Dimitar Razpopov, Georgi Dzhelepov; e-mail:
The value of the work done by an isotropic vector force field along an isotropic curve
M. Neznakomova, D. Gospodinova, P. Dineff; e-mail:
Glow-discharge Plasma Enhanced Coating and Functionalization of Needle-punched Nonwoven PET Filter Media for Textile Wastewater Decolorization
Dilyana Gospodinova, Kostadin Milanov, Peter Dineff; e-mail:
Route map for renewable energy sources implementation for household in Bulgaria
Iliya E. Petrov; e-mail:
Investigation of error in simulation of analogue part of voltage measurement system in Proteus
Kostadin Milanov; e-mail:
Investigation of Transformers for Power Electronic Converters
Alexander Angelov, Nikola Shakev, Georgi Ganev; e-mail:
Proactive compensation of electric power imbalance in day-ahead market

Scientific section - Computer Engineering, Informatics and Communications:
Yordanka Boneva; e-mail:
Cycle Length Optimization through Bi level Optimization
K. Stoilova, T. Stoilov; e-mail:
Transportation Modelling and Solving Travelling Salesman Problem
Todor Stoilov, Krasimira Stoilova, Miroslav Vladimirov; e-mail:
Decrease of the portfolio computational workload following the Capital Asset Pricing theory
Dilyana Budakova, Veselka Petrova-Dimitrova, Lyudmil Dakovski; e-mail:
Intelligent virtual agent, learning how to reach a goal by making the least number of compromises
Dilyana Budakova, Velyo Vasilev; e-mail:
Applying Unity as a simulation platform for modelling the behaviour of a Non-Player Character and for illustrating the work of studied algorithms
Dimitre Kromichev; e-mail:
Speed focused FPGA based Canny computations: pipelining
Dimitre Kromichev; e-mail:
Parallelism in speed focused FPGA based Canny computations
Miroslav Trankov, Emil Hadzhikolev, Stanka Hadzhikoleva; e-mail:
Testing of games through software agents managed by artificial neural networks
Rositsa Maksimova, Krassimir Kolev; e-mail:
LoRaWAN applications - "Leonardo tasting LoRaWINE
Elena Paunova-Hubenova, ElisavetaTrichkova-Kashamova; e-mail:
Applying technologies in vocational education in Bulgaria
M. Zhekova, G. Totkov; e-mail:
Model of Process and Model Of Natural Language Processing System
Mariya Gachkova, Elena Somova, Silvia Gaftandzhieva; e-mail:
Gamification of courses in the e-learning environment
Martin Takev, Elena Somova, Silvia Gaftandzhieva, Miguel Rodriguez Artacho ; e-mail:
System for creation, support and tracking of interactive learning activities
Stanimir Kabaivanov, Veneta Markovska ; e-mail:
Hybrid deep-learning analysis for cyber anomaly detection
G. Pazhev, Gr. Spasov, M. Shopov, G. Petrova; e-mail:

Scientific section - Mechanical Engineering:
Vanya Gandova, Ivalina Petrova ; e-mail:
New thermodynamic investigation of some solid phases of Sn Ti phase diagram
S. Parshorov, S. Valkov, P. Petrov; e-mail:
Martensitic Transformations in Fe-Mn Alloy with Low Stacking Fault Energy
Kalina Kamarska; e-mail:
Corrosion behaviour of aluminium alloys EN AW-6026 and EN AW-6082 in a sulphuric acid medium
R. P. Mitrev, E. I. Atamas, O. I. Goncharov, T. S. Todorov, I. I. Iatcheva; e-mail:
Modeling and study of a novel electrothermal oscillator based on shape memory alloys
A. L. Bogoeva, A. G. Durakova, N. G. Toshkov; e-mail:
Sorption characteristics of Bulgarian Einkorn flakes
A. G. Durakova, A. L. Bogoeva, A. P. Krasteva, M. L. Temelkova; e-mail:
Comparative analysis of sorption characteristics of Bulgarian grape seeds and flours and flakes produced by them
Ivan Kralov, Julian Genov, Ivo Angelov; e-mail:
Dynamical Stresses in the High Class Wind Turbine Blades Caused in Nonhomogeneous Nonstationary Wind Field. Part 1 Dynamical Model
Ivan Kralov, Julian Genov, Ivo Angelov; e-mail:
Dynamical Stresses in the High Class Wind Turbine Blades Caused in Nonhomogeneous Nonstationary Wind Field. Part 2 Numerical Simulations
S. Guergov, N. Nikolova, G. Stefanov; e-mail:
Application Machining Robots in Processing Operations
G. D. Todorov, K. H. Kamberov; e-mail:
Black box/white box hybrid method for virtual prototyping validation of multiphysics simulations and testing
K. H. Kamberov, Ts. T. Ivanov, B. N. Zlatev; e-mail:
Crack propagation evaluation using virtual prototyping techniques
Radostina A. Angelova, Rositsa Velichkova; e-mail:
The effect of the type of protective suit on the thermophysiological comfort of surgeons in an operating room
Georgi Dobrev; e-mail:
Classification analysis of tensile strength of alloyed steels
Veselin Tsonev , Nikolay Nikolov, Kamen Penkov; e-mail:
Impact of atmospheric corrosion on the mechanical properties of B235 steel rods
H. C. Metev, K. K. Krumov; e-mail:
Determination of inaccuracy by milling taking into account the phenomenon of technological heredity
N. Kuzmanov, B. Borisov, I. Muhtarov; e-mail:
Tensile testing of Inconel 600 wire at high temperatures
Y. Marcheva, M. Loukaycheva , V. Tsonev, B. Dimova; e-mail:
The influence of magnesium alloy AE42 test specimens deformation magnitude on their microstructure
M. Tongov, T. Hikov, I. Angelov, P. Petrov; e-mail:
Measuring the diameter of electron beam by rotating slit disc
Manahil Tongov, Rayna Dimitrova, Konstantin Konstantinov; e-mail:
Bead formation research in TIG welding of AISI 304 steel
V. Zaharinov, I. Malakov, S. Nikolov, R. Dimitrova, G. Stambolov ; e-mail:
Classification of parts used in mechatronic products and produced by permanent-mold casting methods
Iv. Panov, B. Dochev, V. Manolov, A. Velikov, V. Dyakova, P. Kuzmanov; e-mail:
Effect of P modifiers, SiC nanomodifiers and combinations them on the structure of a hypereutectic aluminum-silicon AlSi18 alloy
Iv. Panov, B. Dochev, V. Manolov, A. Velikov, V. Dyakova, P. Kuzmanov; e-mail:
Influence of a P modifier, a nanosized SiC modifier, and a combination of them on the mechanical properties of a hypereutectic aluminium-silicon alloy AlSi18

Scientific section - Automotive and Aeronautical Engineering:
Georgi Valkov, Valyo Nikolov; e-mail:
Analysis of stresses and deformations in the chassis of rough terrain forklifts
Georgi Valkov; e-mail:
Analysis of stresses and deformations in the chassis of rough terrain forklifts with wheel drive formula 4Х4
Marin Zhilevski, Vladimir Hristov; e-mail:
Design of an Automated Railway Crossing System with Verilog language in CPLD
Nikolay L Gueorguiev, Atanas Nachev, Sergey Ivashov ; e-mail:
Applicability of microwave non destructive diagnostics for composite materials used in the aerospace industry
Nikolay L Gueorguiev, Atanas Nachev, Sergey Ivashov ; e-mail:
Classification of composite materials used in aerospace industry applicable to their microwave non-destructive diagnose
D. N. Saliev; e-mail:
Clearance speed study for intergreen time determination
I. S. Damyanov; e-mail:
Implementation of advanced software solutions and systems for transport traffic research and control
I. S. Damyanov; e-mail:
Use of modern software solutions and systems for analysis and reconstruction of road accidents
F. Panayotov, V. Serbezov, M. Todorov; e-mail:
Aerodynamic Testing of Rotors and Propellers for Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at Technical University - Sofia
V. Serbezov, H. Panayotov, M. Todorov, S. Penchev; e-mail:
Application of Multi-Axis Force/Torque Sensor System for Experimental Study of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Propulsion Systems – Preliminary Results
Yordan Stoyanov Stoyanov; e-mail:
Soil Chip Thickness of a Spading Machine With Different Operating Modes
Milena Savova-Mratsenkova, Georgi Palagachev; e-mail:
Graph-Analytic Approach to Determine the Position of the Initial Impact in the Event of Pedestrian Accidents

Scientific section - Industrial Management and Design:

Krasimir Markov, Pavel Vitliemov; e-mail:
Logistics 4.0 and supply chain 4.0 in the automotive industry
Snezhinka Konstantinova, Asen Konarev; e-mail:
Investment in intangible assets and corporate growth in the industrial companies
Snezhinka Konstantinova, Gergana V. – Georgieva; e-mail:
Corporate growth benchmarking in the food industry
Pavel Vitliemov; e-mail:
T B Mihova, V. N. Alexieva; e-mail:
Business communities - a factor of industry and bioeconomy development
T. B. Mihova, I. M. Ivanova; e-mail:
Digitalization of HR activities in industrial enterprises
Valentina Nikolova-Alexieva, Irina Krasteva; e-mail:
Diffusion of innovation in the Bulgarian dairy industry
Rositsa Velichkova; e-mail:
Analysis of significant floods in Bulgarian Danube region till 2010
T. B. Gigova, N. S. Geshanova; e-mail:
Algorithm for Business Process Reengineering in Industrial Enterprises
T. B. Gigova, A. R. Arabadzhieva; e-mail:
Digital Competitiveness of Bulgarian Enterprises – 2019
I. Kulova; e-mail:
Business Development in Bulgaria through the Prism of Digital Marketing
I. Kulova; e-mail:
Relationship Marketing – Techniques for Focusing on Company’s Consumers
Magdalena Damyanova-Bakardzhieva; e-mail:
Opportunities for process reengineering in Bulgarian bread production (a case study)
Petar Atanasov; e-mail:
Study of Causality between the Base Interest Rate and the Market Return of OECD Countries
Petar Atanasov; e-mail:
The causality between long term public debt and economic growth
Veneta Markovska, Stanimir Kabaivanov ; e-mail:
Process mining in support of technological readiness level assessment
D. Pastarmadzhieva, M. Angelova; e-mail:
Why do Bulgarian wine producers innovate?
D. Pastarmadzhieva, M. Angelova; e-mail:
Application of Management Innovations in the Bulgarian Wine Industry